About Us — Gold Bee

Our planet has been through a lot. It has suffered through changes of massive proportions thanks to fossil fuel emissions, global warming, and culling of endangered species. And as residents of this blue rock of ours, we’ve had our fair share of suffering. Therefore, companies like our very own Gold Bee focus on improving the human condition and, by proxy, the condition of our home planet.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of many active cannabinoids found in cannabis. Unlike its cousin THC, this ingredient isn’t psychoactive. It won’t get you high nor will it have any negative effects on your physical and mental state. Quite the contrary. There are many health benefits to using products that contain CBD.

Many businesses around the world have started looking into the benefits of different CBD products. Most often, they come in the form of oils, capsules, and vapes. However, with the market booming and the legalization of CBD on the rise, more and more various CBD products are appearing on the market. Those include CBD gummies, sodas, coffee, taffy, hard candy, lollipops, chocolate, tea, bottled water, and even honey.

Why Did We Choose CBD?

Gold Bee’s experts focus on the unlimited possibilities that Botanics can offer. Not only do we work hard on making organic, non-GMO CBD oil, but we also try to connect with and help others who do the same. Our network includes several philanthropic partners who also see the potential in CBD as a healthy food supplement.

But it doesn’t end there. Health professionals from third-party labs test CBD products before they go on the market and as a manufacturer, we can (and must) provide our customers with the test results.

In other words, making and selling CBD products requires transparency, good business ethics, and above all else, healthy supplements. That right there is a definite fit within Gold Bee’s standards.

Ultimately, we want our customers to taste the fruits of nature without succumbing to anything harmful or toxic. So many foods out there contain artificial sweeteners, trans fats, and other ingredients that degrade our body. But legitimate CBD products are different.

Their benefits far outweigh their flaws and, more importantly, they go hand in hand with various foods and even other health products. In short, CBD is an integral part of Gold Bee’s efforts and we’ll work hard to keep it that way, for you and for the planet we live on.


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