Micronized Kava Powder Capsules

These premium Fijian kava capsules contain 500 mg of our premium micronized Fijian kava powder. That works out to ~80 mg of full-spectrum kavalactones per capsule.

We use a high-grade, carbon-neutral kava variety with a balanced effect profile. This means these capsules are a great all-rounder — offering all the relaxing, euphoric, and stress-relieving qualities kava has to offer.

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Premium Fijian kava root powder (Piper methysticum)

Suggested Use

Take 1–2 capsules every 6 hours or as needed. Store in a cool, dry, and dark place.

CAUTION: Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Do not take if pregnant or nursing.

FDA Disclaimer

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

Effect Profile — Balanced

Kavalactone Content — 15.7%

Chemocode: 463251

Origin: Fiji

Serving size: 1–2 capsules

The Benefits of Micronized Kava

We use a micronized form of kava — which means all the insoluble root fibers have been removed, and the powder is ground to match the consistency of flour.

Micronized kava offers two improvements over conventional kava capsules:

  • The lack of fiber makes these capsules much easier on the stomach — even those with sensitive stomachs can handle these capsules
  • The finely ground consistency ensures rapid and thorough absorption — making these capsules much stronger overall

This is the same high-quality micronized kava powder we offer in our instant kava container. We use vegetarian capsules and encapsulate our powder in a nitrogen-rich environment to reduce degradation and oxidation and prolong the shelf-life without the need for harsh additives or preservatives.

How Does This Kava Feel?

These capsules are considered balanced in their effects. This means it shares qualities of heady kava (euphoric, uplifting, creative) and heavy kava (relaxing, sedating, muscle-relaxant).

You can control the effects through the dose. One of these capsules is best for people who want to use kava to help alleviate stress, improve creativity, and improve overall mood. Two or three capsules are going to have a more relaxing, body-centric effect. It’s perfect for use in the evenings or while socializing with friends in a chill, laid-back environment — like the park or a beach.

Effect Index: Micronized Kava Powder Capsules

Creativity: 3/5

Relaxation & Sleep: 4/5

Sociability: 4/5

Euphoria: 4/5

Muscle Relaxation: 4/5

How Long Does Kava Last?

The effects of kava last anywhere from 3 to 6 hours. Factors such as the dose, your individual metabolism, and whether or not you took kava on an empty stomach can all affect the length of time kava will remain active.

For most people, the effects start to appear between 15 and 45 minutes after swallowing the capsules. The effects will fade in subtly over the course of an hour. Peak effects are reached by the second hour after taking them and will remain in place for an hour or two before fading away. You can prolong the effects of kava by taking a second dose as the effects start to fade.

What is Micronized Kava?

There are three types of kava powder you can get — coarse-ground kava, micronized kava, and freeze-dried kava. Coarse ground kava is cheaper by weight, but you need to use much more to get the same effects. The active ingredients (kavalactones) don’t dissolve well in water and aren’t easily absorbed in the gut.

Micronized powder is the next step. It involves grinding the kava into a finer powder and removing the hard, insoluble fibers. This process dramatically increases the surface area and makes it easy for the kava to dissolve and absorb through the gut. Micronized kava is more expensive per gram, but you need less to achieve the same benefits. We believe micronized kava is the sweet spot — offering the most potency for the lowest cost.

Freeze-dried kava powder is made by brewing large batches of kava and then freeze-drying it into a powder. This powder has the highest solubility, but many of the kavalactones are damaged in the process. Freeze-drying is a highly sophisticated process which makes it expensive.

Carbon-Neutral Kava Cultivation

We source our kava directly from Fijian kava farmers who use traditional, carbon-neutral cultivation methods. Fijian soil is rich in volcanic humus — which contains all the macro and micronutrients the kava plant needs to thrive.

The hot year-round sun means farmers don’t need to use any artificial lighting or growth additives to their crops. Kava is planted, maintained, and harvested by hand, and the drying process uses the energy from the sun. There’s no need for heavy, gas-guzzling machinery for any step of the process. The micronization process is the most energy-intensive stage of the whole process — so we use the free energy offered to us from the intense tropical sunshine to power solar generators that do all the heavy lifting without relying on fossil fuels.

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