Gold Bee CBD Oil for Dogs (& Cats)

Now you can take care about your pet’s well-being with our premium-grade CBD products formulated specifically with dogs and cats in mind.

Their endocannabinoid system needs the same kind of support
as humans do.

Here at Gold Bee, we’re both cannabis enthusiasts and avid pet lovers, hence the introduction of our CBD line for pets. We strive to provide our four-legged friends with the same quality standards as our selection of CBD products for humans.

Gold Bee CBD oil for dogs and cats comes in different concentrations to meet the needs of all breeds and sizes — in a flavor they will fall in love with.

Supporting homeostasis in your pet’s body, Gold Bee CBD Pet Oil is used to ease stress and physical discomfort, as well as to keep your buddy feeling invigorated, focused, and a few years younger.

Thanks to an empowered endocannabinoid system, your dog or cat can experience the difference CBD can make in their lives. Place your order today and show your furry friends that you care.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats?

Dogs, cats, and actually all vertebrae have an endocannabinoid system — just like we do. This means that they can experience similar benefits when taking CBD oil.

The benefits of CBD oil for dogs and cats include:

Better Stress Response

Just like humans, dogs and cats can experience the negative effects of stress, often agitated from things like separation, loud noises, or the presence of other pets/animals.


CBD is believed to support healthy cell formation and may provide relief from physical discomfort.

Sleep Support

CBD is a popular, non-sedating, sleep-support agent beloved by millions of people around the world.

Energy Boost

CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which may play a role in modulating energy levels. Some users believe it helps them maintain consistent energy throughout the day.

What Makes Gold Bee CBD Oil Different?

There are many great CBD companies out there, but we pride ourselves in being second-to-none when it comes to the quality of ingredients and our lab-testing practices.

Here’s why pet owners choose Gold Bee CBD Pet Oil over other brands:

Top-shelf Quality

Gold Bee CBD products for dogs and cats are formulated with the same organic ingredients as our CBD line for humans. We source our CBD from non-GMO hemp and use supercritical CO2 to ensure your pets are getting all the valuable compounds from our plants.

Flavors that Appeal to Pets

Dogs and cats can fuss over the flavor of natural CBD oil, so we’ve kept that in mind when making our CBD pet products. You can choose from flavors like peanut butter, berry, or apple.

Formulated for Dogs & Cats

We use only pet-safe ingredients and avoid synthetic additives in all our products.

Options for Different Breeds & Sizes

What’s suitable for a small pup may not be ideal for a larger dog. We offer a range of potency options to ensure the perfect match for your dog’s size.

Certified for Quality & Safety

All of our pet products are tested in a third-party laboratory for their CBD potency, entire cannabinoid profile, and terpenes.

A Golden Age for Your Pet

Our dogs and cats aren’t just pets, they’re family. Caring for them requires understanding their needs.

Gold Bee CBD Pet Oils offer all the benefits of CBD throughout the life of your dog or cat.


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